Family of sports scheduling solutions
Traynrex Sports Scheduling

The traynrex family of sports scheduling solutions is an active development project from Thetasoft LLC. Each solution targets a specific hardship related to scheduling of team sports.

Everything ranging from building season game schedules to building tournament brackets and even assigning and tracking game officials is actively being researched for development.

The primary target for these solutions is recreational sports -- specifically volunteer supported organizations and communities.

Bracket Builder

The first product being released is BracketBuilder. This is an add-in to Excel that helps build tournament brackets. You select where you want to games to be placed on a 2d grid and BracketBuilder will make sure all of the games are connected with lines, ensure there are no overlapping games or lines, and link all of the games together so the bracket will update live as game results are entered.

It comes with definitions built-in for tournaments based on Little League double elimination brackets. You can also provide your own bracket definitions and you will be able to build using those brackets.

This add-in is in the final stages of being released to the Office Store and should be available shortly. You can read more about it on the product help pages.